Say no to plastic bags with EcoRight

Nothing is more inspiring and exciting to me than a social and sustainable start-up set out to make a change in the world like EcoRight bags, a small team of 8 individuals in India that are passionate about saving the world and have decided to start by making eco-friendly products.

They focus on tackling the single use plastic bag problem that I’m sure you have heard of by now. This year we will use 5 trillion plastic bags, can you even imagine that amount of plastic bags? Less than 1 percent of these will be recycled. Every year we use 100 million ton of plastic and around 10 percent ends up in the ocean. Maybe you have seen some pieces of plastic at the shore but that’s nothing compared to what floats in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, there is so much plastic there that it can be seen from space! If there is life out there, I bet they are not impressed. The plastic bags that end up in the ocean break down into small pieces that end up in the bellies of fish and all other creatures living in the ocean, they can’t digest it and therefore costing them their lives. Like this turtle below.

80094864_640x360_701453891968Source: National Geographic

So those are the bad news, the good news is that we are starting to wake up. Every year more and more countries join in the fight against plastic by banning or charging taxes on plastic bags. But we don’t have to wait for the governments to change the policies, we can make a change and take actions ourselves today! By banning plastic bags out of our lives for good! And that’s exactly what EcoRight Bags is here for, they offer a large array of sizes and designs of organic cotton bags that not only help you stay away from plastic but also carry out the message increasing awareness on this issue.

I have been using EcoRight for about a year now and I can tell you that they don’t only look good but they are sturdy enough to even carry my dog in it! In New York you are required to put your dog in a bag so that he can go in the Subway and he fit perfectly.

paco in a bag

I always have a couple of different sizes in different places so that every time I need a bag they are there ready to go. I use them for groceries, to go to the park, small trips, pretty much everywhere. You can see a couple of my favourite ones here below.



The best part is that when you buy EcoRights you don’t have to feel guilty one bit, on the contrary you can be very proud of using their products as they are very transparent and tell you exactly where they make their bags. Not only their manufacturing is legal and ethical but also social and environmental, you can read all about it on their website. They believe and practice women empowerment and provide interest-free loans for the education of all their employees. To top it all since March 2018 all bags are wrapped in biodegradable packaging material, what else could you wish for?

EcoRight offers many designs and sizes and they even have tote-bags with zippers and small compartments inside for your valuables like the one below.


They ship worldwide, so what are you waiting for? Do something awesome by saying goodbye to single-use plastic bags for good today and order your EcoRight bag now at:















5 places to eat vegan in New York City

I was lucky to be in New York for 7 days a couple of weeks ago and I made it my mission to stick to eating healthy while in the big apple. What’s great about a big city is that there are more options available so it’s actually easier to stick to eating plant-based. I did some research beforehand and found some awesome places that I visited and want to share with you.


by CHLOE – 60 West 22nd Street, 185 Bleecker Street – $-$$

About to have their 7th location opened (for all their locations check their website below), by CHLOE is a great success, with a delicious and varied menu and a great hip interior decor to match it. I loved that you have the option to eat while seating on a swing, what a fun idea!. I admit the interior looks like only girls would go eat there (my boyfriend was not so much into it) but I saw all kinds of people enjoying a healthy meal there which made me very happy.

I had an great tasting smoothie bowl and cold coffee at their location at the Flat Iron. I liked it so much that I decided to take my boyfriend and see their location in West VIllage. He wanted pancakes and by CHLOE has some plant-based pancakes on the menu. But, unfortunately ( like many places in NYC, we found out later) they only make pancakes on Sundays, so a bit of a disappointment there. Nonetheless, I definitely recommend it and will go there next time I’m in the city because they have a wide variety of options on the menu and their flavour will rock your tastebuds.


Website: http://eatbychloe.com/


Le Botaniste – 833 Lexington Avenue – $$

I think I went to this place almost every day. Their food is super fresh and plant based and 99% organic. They have one of my favourite dishes since I started eating plan-based: coconut curry. They have a few bowl style dishes you can pick from or you can make your own if you wish.

When we were ordering we noticed that the interior looks like a chemistry lab (because they believe food should be the medicine, wink) and there are empty bottles with the names of the elements in Dutch. We thought it strange so we asked about it and it turns out that the first La Botaniste was opened in Gent, Belgium where they also speak Dutch.. Kind of funny since I live like an hour away but went all the way to New York to discover them. At the moment they have one location in Lexington Avenue but they told us they are planning to open more locations in the near future!

Le Botanisteframe



El Rey – 100 Stanton St – $-$$

This one is a really tiny restaurant/cafe located on the Lower East Side, we went in once during a rainy day and were not disappointed to walk into some salsa music playing. There are only a couple of tables so you probably will have to share yours. There were not many vegan options, but I really didn’t need more. I went for their Avocado “del sur” a pita bread covered with avocado drench in onion and lime. I am addicted to lime so for me this was heaven on a plate, if there were not people there I would’ve licked the plate.

ElRey frame

For more info you can check their website: http://www.elreynyc.com/


Inday – 1133 Broadway – $

Bowl style indian food with plant-based options. We went here for lunch and it was so busy, but you can pre-order and they will have your meal ready. I went to meet an old friend that I hadn’t seen in ages, so with all the excitement I forgot to make pictures of our food! But trust me it was good. I like the variety of foods, they offer a lot of different options you can add to your bowl. The portions are a really good size, you’ll end up filling up your belly and feeling satisfied.




DIMES – 49 Canal St – $-$$

When I was searching for this restaurant I missed it a couple of times because it is in the chinese neighbourhood and it doesn’t have a big logo or sign outside to easily distinguish it. It has a laid-back-retro vibe to it, and you won’t be disappointed if you need to go to the toilet. Funny thing but, I loved that when you go to the toilet they play you the audio of a nature documentary. I’m pretty sure is Sir David Attenborough, so you leave feeling lighter and wiser than when you walked in.

That took a weird turn so let me tell you about the menu, I was there on tuesday and they had a pretty small menu, I had a broccoli toast. Sounds pretty simple but the seasoning was spectacular, it was really tasty.  During the weekend we stopped by for coffee and noticed that their menu was suddenly bigger you can check it out below.




I gotta say that I was really excited to be able to go and try so many different restaurants that offer healthy options with affordable prices . If you have visited this places or have more suggestions on places to eat vegan in NYC leave a comment below! Will try to visit them the next time.