About me

Hi there! I’m so glad you are here, let me tell you a bit about myself before I tell you my motivation behind this project. My name is Desiree Arends, I was born and raised in Guatemala (that country next to Mexico that is not the USA). My family and I moved away when I was a teenager and I have been living abroad ever since, mostly in The Netherlands.  

The Spark

During the last years it has become undeniable that the way we live, and by we I mean mainly the western civilization, it is not only destroying the planet but it is also destroying lives, including our own. What we consume, the fast fashion industry for example producing immense amounts of clothing, cheap and fast, completely disregarding the real cost to the planet and the people making this garments. The meat and dairy industries ignoring the consequences for our health and the pollution to our environment. The processed food industry, creating products that make us addicts and prejudice our health, not caring about deforestation so that they can harvest cheap palm oil killing the home of wild life and with their habitat the animals, orangutans are almost extinct. And how about plastic? We have a plastic island floating in our oceans almost the size of Russia and it is getting bigger while you are reading this. And I can go on and on, but that’s exactly what I will do in this blog. I hear and see all these issues and I feel I need to do something other than just changing my lifestyle.

The Goal

I want to inspire you to change your life and together not only live a healthier life but also a kinder one. A life in harmony and respect for our bodies and our planet. That’s why I am starting this platform, to share information on how the decisions we make everyday affect ourselves and our planet. I will address not only the issues but the solutions so that together we can contribute towards a better future for ourselves and for others.