Buying consciously: Zuperzozial eco-friendly tableware

For me, living a more conscious and sustainable life it’s a process, there are so many different aspects that I feel I can’t change everything at once or be aware of everything at the same time, I would go crazy. Sometimes I do, when I realize more and more the consequences of our daily actions and consumptions.

Take a moment and think from the time you wake up till you go to bed, all the products you use and buy during the day: Where do they come from?, Who made them?, Where they paid a fair salary for their work?, How long did it take to make them?, Which materials were used?, How much energy, water and other resources it took to make and transport them? Where are they going after you use them? Asking ourselves questions like this is going to make us more aware of the impact we are having in our environment and hopefully help us to buy more consciously. I’m getting to know more and more brands that asks themselves these questions and in this post I want to talk about one of them. Zuperzozial is a Dutch brand that makes beautiful eco-friendly tableware.



Since the first time I saw their products I loved not only the look of them but also the fact that they focus on making their products with the eco-friendly materials like bamboo. Zuperzozial was born in March 2011 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They saw the need for a more eco-friendly materials and discovered bamboo is perfect to make tableware. Their products contain as much plant-fiber as possible, they are made of around 75% fiber which is produced on a durable way. Zuperzozial’s goal is to make eco-tableware affordable for everybody. Their factory is in China where the material also comes from. When it comes to design they use the expression of the material  to explain the characteristics of it, while making it modern by using hip colors.



Making eco-friendly products doesn’t come easy, it takes a lot of energy and time, and there are always obstacles to overcome. Zuperzozial still faces a few challenges like the environmental impact of transport. Also, they had to compromise in the balance between the plant-fiber and the resin. They experimented with natural resin to make the product 100% plant-based, but found serious troubles with the durability. It was falling apart during production. Now Zuperzozial has to add a ordinary resin to make the products durable. The main advantage is that the products are dishwasher-safe because of that. Zuperzozial  noticed that customers like eco but in the end what matters most is that products should be up-to-date regarding modern use.




Zuperzozial believes that eco friendly tableware will be the standard in the future, and therefore they have experimented with other plant-based materials and plant-based components to have a smaller footprint on agri-components.

Visit their webpage to see their beautiful designs and find out where you can buy them!

I want to thank Remco van der Leij for his help and support on making this post possible.

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