Reduce your plastic waste with Funky Bottles

I want to make it easier for us to make better decisions. I am on the lookout for brands that are making a positive impact on our lifestyles, our planet and all living creatures in it. In this post I am going to tell you about one brand who’s doing exactly that. I am very excited about their products, not just because they look really good but also because they tackle one of the biggest issues we face today: single-use plastic bottles. FunkyBottles makes reusable glass water bottles and thermos bottles paying special attention to the design, they even give the option to personalize your own bottle.


When the creators of FunkyBottles started learning about the different environmental threats we are currently facing, they asked themselves what they could do to help. Soon they realized that what was important was to take action and do something, no matter how small. They saw the opportunity to tackle the single-use of plastic bottles as the most feasible option. Therefore, in October 2016, Tudor and Alexandra created FunkyBottles in Amsterdam. Their backgrounds combine Business Innovation with Industrial Design.  Their mission? To reduce plastic consumption and help people in expressing themselves through a “different” form of art. They believe that the value of their products relies on the way they are created. We live in the era of personalization and uniqueness, and perceived as a method of self-expression.


Starting a business is never easy, at the beginning FuckyBottles had to take the time to know their target audience and what they wanted. After gathering product feedback they decided that the best was to create designs that match different personalities and environments. Also, to create designs that are able to express unique feelings, making it challenging but most of all fun.

If we want to make a change we need to change our daily habits. We are used to go for the fast and easy solution, if we are thirsty on the go we just buy a plastic bottle drink it and throw it away. This is exactly the problem, not only are we spending a lot of money by doing this but we are creating so much waste. One plastic bottle can take up to 1000 years to decompose, the average time is around 450 years. That’s about 5 human lifetimes! Plus, most plastic bottles are not recycled. A lot of plastic bottles end up in the ocean, where they can degrade in a year. After that year all the toxic materials used to make the water bottles end up washed up at shorelines or inside sea creatures and consequently inside the humans that eat them. But I will leave our plastic crisis for another post.

Even if you decide to buy a reusable water bottle it might take a while before you get used to bringing it everywhere you go. I have been there. To make this process easier FunkyBottles want us to fall in love with our bottle so that we want to be with it all the time and won’t want to leave it behind. How you ask? By offering a large range of designs collaborating with different artists so that everybody can find a design that really represents them.

They have designed eight different collections of water bottles, offering 28 unique designs. And when I say unique I mean it in! it is hard to choose just one because they are all so cool. They also offer their beautiful thermos bottle in 3 different colors blue, red and, purple. I want to show you my favourite designs, Elephant from the Wild collection and 4 from the Merged collection:



Gorgeous! Don’t you think? To see all of their designs and buy your favourite one go to the FunkyBottles webshop. It is important for us as consumers to choose our future, and we can do this by wisely deciding where we spend our money.  We need to support those businesses like FunkyBottles, who are trying to make a positive impact, by buying their products, thus giving them the power to actually make the change we want to see in the world. So help me help them help us, like, share and buy!




I will like to thank FunkyBottles, specially Tudor for facilitating the information and products for this post. I hope that this post contributes even in the smallest way to increase your brand awareness and the future success of FunkyBottles.




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