Wake up call

Around 98% of people surrounding me make fun of people who don’t eat meat. I get it, it’s amusing and steak is pretty tasty. I was also like that most of my life, because I thought the main reason why people didn’t eat meat was not to kill animals. I would tell myself that it was ok to eat animal protein because that is nature and we are at the top of the chain right?

One day, after months of my sister asking me to watch this documentary, I sat down and finally watched Forks Over Knives, and it was an eye opener. What we are doing to our bodies and the planet for a couple of minutes of tasting pleasure just didn’t add up to me anymore.


I guess the best I can describe how I see us now is as living in one big ship, all humanity in a large ship. The water is the planet, and the ship is the things we need to sustain life as we know it. We have made a hole in the ship and the water is slowly but surely starting to come in. We all know this but because we, the developed countries, live in the top floors and it isn’t affecting our lives yet. So, we keep fighting about who gets the biggest room, who has the most stuff, who gets access to the leisure areas, who can come live up upstairs and who should remain downstairs. We are having babies and worrying about how we can take more money from others, instead of thinking how we can close this hole that’s becoming bigger and bigger and will sink the ship if we continue this way. This just seems crazy to me, because if you sink the ship the water will still be there. But there will be no more rooms, no more floors, not more money, no more life as we know it.


I do think that what we are doing to our environment is and should be a priority not only to the leaders we choose (or the ones we don’t choose) but to every single individual living on the earth at this moment. We don’t have to wait for the G20 to hold hands, sing kumbaya and save the world, because that is probably never going to happen. We are responsible for this and we can stop it.

Every single decision we make during every single day of our life has an impact. Every single cent we spend can either construct or destruct our future. Here we can share information to help us make wiser and better decisions on our daily lives, so that together we can create a better and sustainable lifestyle.



  1. Beautifully said! I still haven’t made the leap to vegan, but I try to live as sustainable as it’s possible in this country (GT)!


    1. Thank you!! It is not easy to make the transition, I still crave chocolate and cheese sometimes but the less you eat it the less you crave it. And I think that just making decisions being more conscious of their consequences is exactly what we need to do!:)


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